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Overview of our solution models

Companies of all sizes and from all industries trust Rhenus Robotics as their partner for intelligent process management. The implementation of our RPA solutions takes place in several stages and is individually tailored to your requirements. You can decide in advance whether you want to use our Robotics as a Service (Raas) operating model or set up your own center of excellence.

Lösungsmodell: Robotics as a Service
as a Service (RaaS)

You would like to automate manual and repetitive processes, but hesitate to make a large investment? Then opt for our RaaS variant, where you hire a digital employee who you only pay when he also works for you.

Lösungsmodell: Center of Excellence
Center of
Excellence (CoE)

You would like to set up your own RPA team, but have little or no experience with process automation? Then opt for the CoE variant, in which we support you in setting up your own center of excellence.

Automate processes according to your needs

Robotics as a Service (RaaS)

The implementation of an RPA solution takes place over various stages – the subsequent operation in our RaaS model. How does this work? Together we analyse which processes can be automated and document them thoroughly. Then our software developers develop your individual software robot and put it into operation. In addition, we offer regular support. 

Your advantage? There are only costs for implementation and actual use after hours.

Rhenus Robotics Angebostlösung: Robotics as a Service (Raas)
Overview of the costs for ongoing operation and support


per hour
  • Including 5
    robot hours


15 per hour
  • Including 15
    robot hours


per hour
  • Including 70
    robot hours


10 per hour
  • Including 120
    robot hours


5 per hour
  • 24/7 robot

Build your own RPA team

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Should you wish to set up your own centre of excellence, we will also support you in this! We advise you on all aspects of software solutions, technical requirements and process characteristics. In addition, we take care of training and education to prepare you and your employees optimally for the requirements. As a UiPath silver partner, you can purchase licences directly from us. Continuous support at all times is a matter of course for us!

Rhenus Robotics Angebostlösung: Center of Excellence (CoE)
You can view UiPath's licence overview here.


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