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We offer individual solutions for intelligent process management that are used by customers from all industries and various departments. Do you need support with your manual processes? Our virtual colleagues are happy to help and actively support you in your administrative and operational day-to-day business. 


Automate administrative and repetitive sales processes and focus on lead generation and customer loyalty.

Common use cases:

• Writing offers
• Searching websites
• Creating reports

Finance & Accounting

Automate error-prone financial processes and improve accuracy, strengthen control and optimise cash flow.

Common use cases:

• Processing invoices
• Performing book keeping
• Maintaining master data ERP systems

Human Resources

Automate manual HR processes and create more space for what matters: Your employees and the corporate culture.

Common use cases:

• Screening of applicants
• Onboarding of employees
• Creating employment contracts

Automatisierung im Kundenservice
Customer Service

Automate manual customer service processes and focus entirely on your customers instead of the various systems.

Common use cases:

• Communicating with customers
• Managing orders
• Creating appointments

Anwendungsbereiche in Branchen und Industrien
Automatisierung im Gesundheitswesen

In the healthcare sector, data is often transferred manually between systems from different manufacturers. With the help of a virtual colleague, this administrative effort can be reduced.

Common use cases:

• Transferring patient data
• Scheduling appointments
• Analysing medical data

Automatisierung bei Finanzdienstleister
Payment service provider

The demand for POS terminals is growing enormously as contactless payment becomes more and more important. With the help of RPA, payment service providers can automate the onboarding process of merchants.

Common use cases:

• Configuring terminals
• Creating new merchants
• Processing data

Automatisierung in der Logistik
Logistics &

The logistics industry faces many challenges and is characterised by many manual and time-consuming processes. Therefore, the operational processes offer many RPA use cases.

Common use cases:

• Checking the warehouse stock
• Monitoring the shipping status
• Printing bills / ladings (B/Ls)

Automatisierung bei Zolldienstleister

Many documents play an important role in the declaration of goods at customs: invoices, packing lists, accompanying documents, etc.. These are often processed manually and stored in the customs system.

Common use cases:

• Registering imported goods
• Registering export goods
• Managing orders


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Es erwarten Sie spannende Use Cases, hilfreiche Leitfäden, interessante Events und die neuesten Updates!

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